November 24

Song Room Performance

Yesterday on the 24 of november grade threes and grade fours went to Eastbank for a song room performance. My grade was doing a song called The Cabbage Cafe. I was at the back doing the performance and my mum came and was watching me do it. All of the other schools did a good job on thier performances. I saw some people that used to go to my school. At the end of it there was band playing lots of jaz songs, we were all going crazy. Thier were about five people in the band. The band did a really great job on the instrements. Miss Thorn did a good job setting up all of the performances. When we came back we were all exsorsted. We were having a chill after that.

October 22


On the Holidays my cousins came over to my house for lunch and for tea, for tea we had fish and chips. For lunch we had a BBQ. All us kids where playing games. The games we were playing was tiggy and dodge ball as well.

August 17

On Saturday I went to watch my brother play his football grandfinal. While we were there I was sitting in the car watching Joel getting some goals. That night we went to my cousins house and their names are Remi and Lincon. Remi wasn’t their because she was at our other cousins house. On Sunday we had lunch out at the market place then we saw our friends and we went to Go Jump with them. It was really exiting. We were playing a really awesome game of dodge ball it was fantastic! I had a wonderful weekend.